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Barefoot Island Home Learning Task

Map Symbol Spotter Home Learning Task


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Lesson 1 - Mapping It Out

#Lesson Plan Mapping It Out

#Lesson Presentation Mapping It Out

#Success Criteria Grids

Bee-Bot Mat Treasure Map

Bee-Bot Mat UK Map

Bee-Bot Road and Buildings Mat

KWL Grid Magical Mapping

Messy Maps Adult Guidance

My School - Sketch Map Activity Sheet

Sketch Map Checklist


Lesson 2 - Routing Around

#Lesson Plan Routing Around

#Lesson Presentation Routing Around

#Success Criteria Grids

Compass Prompt Cards

Make a Compass Activity Sheet

Planning a Route Activity Sheet

Route Planning Word Grids:

Route Planning Word Grid 2xA3

Route Planning Word Grid 2xA4

Route Planning Word Grid 4xA4

Route Planning Word Grid A3

Route Planning Word Grid A4


Lesson 3 - Atlas Skills - The UK

#Lesson Plan Atlas Skills - The UK

#Lesson Presentation Atlas Skills - The UK

#Success Criteria Grids

Differentiated Atlas Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet

Geography Alphabet Strip


Lesson 4 - Atlas Skills - The World

#Lesson Plan Atlas Skills - The World

#Lesson Presentation Atlas Skills - The World

#Success Criteria Grids

Atlas Riddles

Continents and Ocean Atlas Checklist

Create a Continent Activity Sheet

Differentiated Atlas Alphabetical Order Activity Sheet

Its a Small World Paper Globe Black and White

Its a Small World Paper Globe

What a Wonderful World Word Search Black and White

What a Wonderful World Word Search

Wonderful World Jigsaw


Lesson 5 - Viewing From Above

#Lesson Plan Viewing from Above

#Lesson Presentation Viewing from Above

#Success Criteria Grids

Aerial Photographs Photopack

Up Above or From the Ground Activity Sheet

Viewing from Above Activity Sheet


Lesson 6 - Mapping Our Oceans and Seas

#Lesson Plan Mapping Our Oceans and Seas

#Lesson Presentation Mapping our Oceans and Seas

#Success Criteria Grids

Magical Mapping Match-Up with Pictures

Magical Mapping Match-Up

Mapping our Oceans Activity Sheet

Mapping our Seas Activity Sheet

Oceans and Seas Word Search Black and White

Oceans and Seas Word Search



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