Class Three

Class 3 is a mixed-age class of years 4, 5 and 6. Mr Aitken is the class teacher and works together with our teaching assistant, Mrs Seaman. There are around 25 children in the class.

As adults responsible for the important role of teaching these young people, we pride ourselves on knowing each child well and treating them as individuals. Our understanding of them aids us to help them get the best out of themselves. We provide them with the tools to become skilled learners. As well as ensuring they are safe and happy we also pride ourselves on helping the children become independent and resilient. Our approach is unflinchingly fair, honest and always underpinned by what is best for each individual child.

Our classroom is situated apart from the main school but is very much part of the school community, joining in with everything that school life has to offer.

Everyone in Class 3 has very high expectations of each other. We all work hard and always try to produce our best work and our best for each other. At the same time we are supportive and help each other to learn new things and gain new skills.

While we learn all the things that are part of the National Curriculum, we also enjoy the freedom of following our own interests and learning about things that we are really passionate about.

In Class 3 we enjoy more freedom and privileges but know that this comes with more responsibility. As the oldest children in the school, we take our responsibility as role models very seriously, carrying out duties to help the school run smoothly and make it a better place to learn. This is part of a more ‘grown-up’ atmosphere where we prepare ourselves for taking SATs and our next steps in education to high school.

A typical school day sees us learn English and Maths in the morning and a mixture of other subjects in the afternoons, such as Science, Humanities and Art. You may get a better idea of what we do day-to-day by looking at our Twitter feed, where we share some of the things we get up to!

We love visitors and are always happy to talk about our learning and our school. We look forward to meeting you!

Please follow our Twitter feed to see what learning we have been up to.

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