Year 1 Home Learning 15th June 2020

Expectations for the week beginning 15th June 2020

Reading Daily, for at least 10 minutes.

If you don’t have access to appropriate books, a whole range of books to read online can be found in the Oxford Owls e-book library. Email if you need the class log in code.

Phonics Daily, for at least 15 minutes.

Use any sheets provided, then visit Phonics Family for more ideas to make phonics fun. Use the words from your spelling lists too.

Spelling Daily for 10 minutes using the spelling word list for the week. Sort the words by the spelling (we say to the children, “It’s the same sound but different spelling”), then learn to read and spell them.

Writing Complete the Talk for Writing tasks on The Papaya that Spoke. Have a go at the SPaG Mat (two stars is the expected level for Year 1) and complete the handwriting sheets, taking care to form letters correctly.

Maths One task a day and at least 5 IXL skills over the week. (I have provided two levels of Maths mat; choose which one your child is capable of). When you have finished the maths sheets set, visit Hit the Button. This week work on your halves within 10 and the 20, You should know them off by heart.

Topic/other curriculum

  1. Investigate shadows. Are they the same all day? Have a look in the morning, at lunch time and again in the evening. Use the shadow sheets to explore shadows and shadow puppets, record what you find out/do.
  2. Start to explore habitats (A habitat is the type of natural environment in which a particular species of lives. E.g. forest/rainforest, grasslands, ocean, desert, mountain, pond, polar etc)

Use the Espresso website and explore the options on the left-hand page menu. Watch the videos and complete the activities. Read the book about habitats. (Focus on habitats this week and leave the food chains/microhabitats work for the following weeks.) There is also an information PowerPoint to share with your child.

  1. Choose a habitat and create a fact file about it. Include a picture/diagram. What is it like in this habitat, who lives in it and why?

More habitat learning can be found on here.

30 Days Wild - Continue taking part in 30 Days Wild in June. Keep an eye on Rocklands Class One’s Twitter feed for a new wild task each day. You can tweet your random acts of wildness and tag @rocklandsclass1 in them, or send me the photos and I can tweet them for you.

You can also watch wildlife videos here.


If you have any problems or queries, please email Mrs Shaw at

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