Reception Home Learning 6th July 2020

Expectations - To complete all the work set on the website each week.

Reading – Daily, for at least 10 minutes.

If you don’t have access to appropriate books, email me at for the class log in to Oxford Owls

Phonics – Please do some phonics learning every day.

Use the sheets provided, then for additional learning, visit Phonics Family for ideas to make phonics fun. Use the word/sound lists provided by your teachers.

Spelling – Daily for 5-10 minutes. Use the spelling list for the week.

Writing – This term we would expect Reception children to be doing some writing every day and they should be able to write some sentences independently.

Maths – Complete tasks set and at least 5 skills a week on IXL.

Topic/other curriculum

  • Melting - Eat an ice lolly and watch how it melts. Does a lolly made of water melt quicker or slower than one made of ice cream? Have a go at the melting ice experiment.
  • RE (the second part of 2 weeks) Last week you should have investigated places special to you and made a special place for your teddy. You should have looked at how churches are special to Christians and designed you own stained glass window (see sheet). This week look at how Mosques are special to Muslims.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs Shaw at

Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools Federation