Class 3

Class 3 Home Learning

Hello Class 3!

We hope you have all been making the most of the sunshine and enjoying your time at home! Although it’s a funny time, it’s also a good opportunity to spend more time with your families and do things you may not usually have time to do! Hopefully we’ll be back at school before we know it!


From 1st June 2020, Year 4 will have their home learning set by Miss McLean, who will post a work timetable every week (usually Monday) on the website which will guide you on which activities to do and for roughly how long. We don’t want you working too hard, but at the same time, you must keep your learning brains ticking over! If you have any questions or work to send, please do so at

Year 5 and 6 will have home learning assigned by Mrs Main. For any questions or work to send, please email her at


Well done if you have been answering questions on IXL. If you know you have not practiced in a while, now is the time to do it please!

All work that is set can be found on the weekly home-learning activities pages. Any problems, let us know!

Please do email some photos of you having fun at home and completing any of the work set!


If you would like feedback on your work, please email the relevant teacher and they will have a look and get back to you. Think of it as long distance marking!

Take care!

Third Space Learning - Maths Intervention ProgrammesBelow is a link which will take you to lots of suggestions for Maths learning. The activities don't require a computer, so it's an opportunity to have a break from staring at a screen! Have a go and let me know how you get on!

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

For a collection of small computer programs implementing one-player puzzle games, head over to Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection.

Try out any of the games, but Mr Cole would particularly recommend: Map, Pearl, Pattern, Bridges, Galaxies, Fifteen, Guess, Rectangles, Towers, Sixteen, Unruly, Untangle, Pegs (Solitaire) and Mines (Minesweeper).

Have fun!

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Follow this link for a Harry Potter-themed digital escape room.

You can complete it as a group or as an individual, and you can compete against your friends. You can even try it multiple times.

Just make sure you have fun!

Please find below a list of useful links to various resources which may be helpful to support home learning during the closure period:

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